may 23, 2016

today was spent chasing light; light found in peace, light found in organization, light found in happiness, and the last light found in our backyard as the sun closed its eyes for the day. the word light is the natural agent that stimulates sight and makes things visible. of course, we can assume the usual suspects: lamps, the sun, fairy lights, etc. but something i found out a long time ago is that light makes things clearer. wait. that was really cliche. let me expand. to create a photograph, you need to expose a certain substance, whether that is film or a wet plate or a digital sensor, to light. the image that is created is a result of that light; the light that is let in through the lens accounts for both the shadows and the highlights. as stupid as it sounds, i use that equation every day. quite literally, with photography. but also with the way i look at my current situation. i am working some freelance but i don't really have a steady income. i live at home with my parents and have crippling anxiety that prevents me from really ever leaving my house. it's something that has hindered my growth as an individual as well as my growth as an artist. if you never leave your home, what are you supposed to photograph? you could think to yourself, oh i've been there, done that. but i don't have that luxury. with these posts i am seeking to reexamine what i have known and create a new in an attempt to recreate the being that used to hustle every single hour of every single day. right now i may be only seeing things as darks and shadows. until i naturally see the light, i will force my eye to focus on it in isolation.