may 24, 2016

i wrote this yesterday (may 24) but for some reason it didn't publish. this is a new platform and i am still learning about all the tweaks and in's and outs of it all. 

today seemed to go by extremely fast. first thing i knew, i was woken up to birds chirping. it's weird how during the wintertime we don't really notice their absence and by the end of summertime we hardly acknowledge their presence. but this small window of opportunity opens during the spring months, an opportunity to realize they exist again. i don't know for how long a person hears their chirps and still processes them as something new. for me, it's a few weeks. this yearning for life and beauty wakes me up every morning. it's something i don't think i take for granted enough. it's also helping that the weather is finally warming up. it is comfortable to sit on the deck out back, again, in just a t-shirt and some shorts. and although the sun brings such great attitudes and positivity and hope for the coming solstice, i love the evening. about right after the sun sets below the horizon, there is this blue; it's not like winter blue, it's not dark and foreboding. it's different. it's encompassing. the color floods over the landscape and it feels as though you've entered a room. the clouds fall down to create a ceiling, the trees cave in to create walls. the air almost sits on your shoulders and hug your arms, welcoming you into the next day. again, it's not closing in as a warning, it's closing in as a promise of tomorrow. it's reassuring. it helps me drift off into another long night, only to be awoken by the sounds of birds.