may 27, 2016

do you know what's really weird? when you attempt to find employment for months to no avail and once you receive employment, everyone decides they want you. yesterday i was offered a position at a reputable cellular service call center. am i concerned because i have no idea what i'm getting myself into? hell yeah, i'm concerned. but i think that i'm just over processing the situation; i'm overthinking it completely. i have seven weeks or so of training so to get me prepared. i am just so excited to finally be making some money. i owe my parents a lot because of my car crash last fall and other things in between. i've been attempting to fill the gaps of employment with freelance but as a small freelance artist with not much experience, finding work is very hard. not impossible: i did find some work. but still very hard. ugh. anyways. today i took a drug test for the first time in my life which was weird. i don't do drugs so i'm not concerned. it was how i was treated. like i was an addict or guilty. i know they must take a million precautions but still. it sucked. oh well. let's see. the weather has made a ridiculous turn towards humid and i do not like it at all. i like heat. humidity? that's a whole other ball game. i don't want to go outside and feel like i'm swimming through the air, thank you very much. the pool should be opened soon and i am looking forward to afternoons being spent in it, getting tan and soaking up all the vitamin d.